AACT NewPlayFest Theatres

Producing Theatres

Congratulations to these seven theatres selected to produce the winning plays of AACT NewPlayFest 2016.

Silver Spring Stage - Silver Spring, MD
Twin City Stage - Winston Salem, NC
Theatre Arlington - Arlington, TX

Producing theatres were selected from the 1000+ community theatres that are members of the American Association of Community Theatre (AACT). The seven theatres hail from seven states and include both small and large theatres, with budgets from $17,500 to $4.1 million. Click on the theatre name to learn more about the theatre.

Benefits & Responsibilities

Theatres selected reap these benefits:

  • prestige of being selected for a national program
  • premiere a national award-winning play
  • national publicity
  • excitement of working directly with the playwright 
  • honor of introducing the playwright to the community
  • impact on the future of the work: The interpretations of the director and the actors may reveal insights to the playwright on what works or doesn’t work, leading to rewrites.
  • possible funding

Theatre Responsibilities

  • Provide documentation of nonprofit status
  • Rank the plays that reach the final round, indicating your top choices for a production at your theatre
  • Provide a fully realized production between June 2015 and December 2016. A full production includes casting, rehearsing, and staging (costumes, lights, set design, props) of the script.
  • Present at least three (3) performances of the work
  • Pay a royalty of $25 per performance to the playwright
  • Bring in the playwright for a rehearsal or a performance
  • Advertise the production as part of AACT NewPlayFest
  • Sign contract agreeing to these responsibilities
  • Maintain AACT Organizational membership

AACT will 

  • Select and announce producing theatres
  • Conduct national new play contest, including script solicitation, recruitment of readers, tabulation of scores, and announcement of winners
  • Execute contracts for producing theatres and playwrights
  • Guide theatres in working with playwrights
  • Compile and publish a calendar of AACT NewPlayFest productions
  • Provide national advertising via websites, e-promos, social media, and news releases
  • Provide news release templates and guidance (as needed) for local promotion
  • Seek sponsorships or grants to help fund AACT expenses and/or theatre production expenses.



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