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The AACT membership directory was created to identify the members of AACT to one another, and to promote the sharing of ideas among members. The complete member directory is made available only to AACT members. Please have consideration for the privacy of your fellow members and do not abuse the privilege of having access to this personal contact information.

Current members of AACT may use the directory for the purposes described by these terms:

  • Members may use the directory for personal or professional contacts to other members, but not for commercial purposes.
  • Members agree not to send e-mail to members who have specifically requested otherwise (For purposes of this provision, merely making one's e-mail address accessible via the directory shall not constitute a request or invitation to receive messages.)
  • Transmitting a series of messages to the same member on the same topic is not permitted, nor are mass mailings of unsolicited messages (spam) to large numbers of members.
  • Copying or distributing all or any part of AACT member information without express permission from AACT is prohibited, as is any use that is damaging to the interests of AACT or its members.
  • Members may not assist any non-member in obtaining or using any names or contact information from the directory, other than that available on the AACT public (non-member) website.
  • Members who receive any unwanted solicitation that appears to be the result of their listing in the directory should notify AACT immediately.

Penalties for misuse of the directory may range from a request to discontinue inappropriate behavior, to legal action.  In addition, sending unsolicited e-mails of a commercial nature may violate the federal CAN-SPAM Act [Source: Federal Trade Commission].

Questions about appropriate and inappropriate use of the directory should be directed to Julie Crawford, Executive Director, American Association of Community Theatre, 1300 Gendy St., Fort Worth, TX 76107; 866-687-2228;

AACT Mailing List

AACT maintains a mailing list consisting of the "Known Theatres” list (every community theatre organization in the country that AACT knows about) and individuals interested in community theatre. Individuals are on the list due to current or past AACT membership, participation in an AACT event, leadership in a state/regional theatre organization or festival, request, or other indication of interest in community theatre.

AACT may use both the mailing and e-mail addresses to conduct AACT business and promote AACT programs. AACT may also release mailing and e-mail addresses from the list to state and regional organizations/festivals for the promotion of AACT related events, such as festivals.

The AACT mailing list is available for rent for use in promoting supplies, properties, and services of interest to theatres and persons active in theatre. Such rental may include the mailing and/or e-mail address of organizations and the mailing addresses (but not the e-mail addresses) of individuals.
Individuals who do not want their addresses rented by AACT to third parties should make the request in writing to or AACT, 1300 Gendy St., Fort Worth, TX 76107. Such individuals should not provide their personal addresses or e-mail addresses to AACT as the contact points for their organizations.


8/17/09, revised 8/13/12



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