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ActingDon't think you're funny. It'll never work if you think you're funny.GeorgeAbbott
ActingWe've put a man on the moon. If you miss a cue, no one will die.ShelliAderman
ActingDon't use your conscious past, use your creative imagination to create a past that belongs to your character. I don't want you to be stuck with your own life. It's too little.StellaAdler
ActingIt's not enough to have talent, you have to have a talent for your talent.StellaAdler
ActingAs an actor, you can't play the tragedy. You can only play the choices, the intentions of your character.ChristineAndreas
ActingI don't make mistakes, I have unintentional improvisations. Anonymous
ActingActed drama requires surrender of one's self, sympathetic absorption in the play as it develops. George P.Baker
ActingIt's one of the tragic ironies of the theatre that only one man in it can count on steady work -- the night watchman.TallulahBankhead
ActingIf you want to help the American theatre, don't be an actress, be an audience.TallulahBankhead
ActingActing is a matter of giving away secrets.EllenBarkin
ActingThe theatre has built a whole art round the actor, based on the man and his double - the actor and his characterJean-LouisBarrault
ActingAn actor is a sculptor who carves in snow.LawrenceBarrett

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