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Jan.-Feb. 2018 aactWorldFest 2018; AACT NewPlayFest 2018; AACTFest 2019 in Gettysburg; AACT National Awards; Google AdWords Can Be a Free Marketing Tool; Enter the AACTFest 2019 Festival Cycle; AACT Member Benefits; Community Theatre Management Conference 2018; World Theatre Day 2018; Insurance Points; Boards in the Spotlight--Look Out Workd, Here We Come! Download Nov-Dec 2017 AACT NewPlayFest 2018; AACT NewPlayFest 2018; Community Theatre Management Conference; TEAM Conference 2017; World Congress of Amateur Theatre in Monaco; AACT Website - Help! Where Do I Go?; An Inspirational Headliner at AACTFest; Event Cancellation Coverage - A Rare Insurance Policy; Boards in the Spotlight - Change Is Inevitable - Deal with It! [5.59 MB] Download Sept-Oct 2017 AACTFest 2017 Wrap-up; A Year of Firsts; AACT Design Competition - Totally Worth Doing!; aactWorldFest 2018; Full Time Community Theatre Directors Conference; Meant to Be: My Adventures as an AACTFest Intern; AACT Youth Leadership Conference 2017; Insurance Points - You're Doing What? [NOTE: This PDF is 7.46 MB in size, and may take a while to download.] Download July-Aug. 2017 AACTFest 2017 - National Companies and the complete Moving On list; AACT NewPlayFest 2018 - Winning Plays Announced; aactWorldFest 2018 - June 18-23, 2018 in to Venice, Florida; Arts Advocacy Day; Enhance Your Educational Program - With Seniors; Thanks to AACTFest 2017 Hosts and Chairs; Workers Compensation - Who Else Is an Employee?; Boards in the Spotlight - "Where's the Ritalin?" Download May-June 2017 AACTFest 2017 (National Companies, Workshops, Design Competition & Exhibition, Youth Leadership Conference, and more); AACT Shaw Fest Adventure 2017; AACT's New Executive Director Quiana Clark-Roland; National Awards; How to Bridge the Gap Between Your Community & NYC; What's Trending: Producing New Works; Spotlight on Boards: "Do You Hear What I Hear?" Download March-April 2017 AACTFest 2017; Community Theatre Management Conference; AACT TEAM Conference; AACT Shaw Fest Adventure 2017; How to Raise Funds for AACTFest Participation; AACT NewPlayFest; What's Trending: How to Attract a Younger Audience; Spotlight on Boards - Huh? Download Jan-Feb 2017 AACTFest 2017; AACT NewPlayFest; Executive Director Announces Retiement; Putting It Together: 8 Tips for a Successful Musical; What's Trending: The Board's Role in Fundraising; AACT Corporate Partners; Boards in the Spotlight - The Top Ten Ways to Kill Off
Board Members.
Download Nov.-Dec. 2016 AACT NewPlayFest; AACTFest 2017; AACT TEAM Conference; International Theatre Festivals; How to Avoid a Financial Shortfall; What's Trending: Surviving a Crunch; Spotlight on Boards: "The Play's the Thing!" Download Sept-Oct 2016 AACT NewPlayFest; AACTFest 2017; AACT New York Adventure 2016; Making Your Website Better than Ever; What's Trending: Social Issues; Boards in the Spotlight - The Good, the Bad and the Best Download July-August 2016 AACT NewPlayFest: World premiere of Wash, Dry Fold; Call for reviewers; Producing theatres
announced for 2018. Last Chance for AACT 2016 TEAM Conference; Five Reasons to Keep Your Website Up to Date; AACTFest 2017; What's Trending in Lighting; Spotlight on Boards: Turning Board Members into True Believers.

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