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VERTICAL SIGHT LINESImaginary lines drawn from the highest seats of the audience area, often in a balcony, and from the seats in the front row, to the lowest hanging obstructions over the stage, to determine what portions of the performing area will be visible to all of the audience.
VISUAL CUEA cue taken by a technician from the action on stage rather than being cued by the stage manager. 
VOLTAGEThe 'pressure' at which electric current is available. The American standard is 110 Volts. The UK standard voltage is 240 Volts. 
VOM or VOMITORIUMA passageway, originally for spectators, used to clear the seating area in quick fashion. Also used to describe a ramped passage that allows actors to run onstage from below (and run back). 
VU METERVU - Volume Unit). Pointer and scale meter which indicates the average level of a signal. Misses any transients and spikes that lead to a clipped signal. 

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