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MAHL STICKA short stick used by scenic painters to steady the hand by resting its padded end against the surface being painted. 
MAIN STAGE or MAINSTAGEThe principal performance space for a theatre company.Second stage
MAKE FASTTo tie a rope line, or to tie off, in order to secure a flat, curtain, or other stage object. 
MAKEUP or MAKE-UP1) verb. To change the appearance of one's face and other exposed surfaces of the body for acting through cosmetics, false hair, etc., as in "Where do we go to make-up?" 2) noun. The cosmetics themselves, as in theatrical makeup. Thus, make-up table, make-up room, make-up kit (a portable box for carrying make-up supplies). 
MANUSCRIPTThe unprinted text of a dramatic composition, often in the handwriting of the author.Some scripts are available from publisher/agents as photocopies of typewritten or computer printed pages. Normally this indicates an older or seldom-performed title. The word "script" is a shortened form of this word, but now refers to the printed text. Script
MARIONETTEA puppet controlled by strings.Puppet
MARKING OUTSticking tapes to the floor of the rehearsal space to indicate the groundplan of the scenery. Also for marking position of furniture etc. within a set. 
MAROONAn electrically detonated pyrotechnic device giving the effect of a loud explosion. Made from gunpowder encased in stout cardboard or string. Must be used within a metal bomb tank. Originally developed in the second half of the last century to simulate the sound of cannon. It was often used to call out the volunteer lifeboat crew in an emergency 
MARQUEEA canopy or roof that projects over a theatre entrance towards the street, usually bearing a sign that advertises the names of the theatre, current production, actors, etc. Now, often used to mean only the sign. 
MASK1) A covering worn by an actor to conceal his/her face or head. 2) To conceal part of the stage from the audience, by means of a masking piece.Masking
MASKINGNeutral material or designed scenery which defines the performance area and conceals the technical areas. (e.g. Masking flat) 
MASKING TAPEPaper-backed tape used to mark out the boundary of a surface to be painted or sprayed. 
MASKS OF COMEDY AND TRAGEDYThe masks represent two of the nine Greek muses. Comedy is represented by Melpomene [mel-po-men-ee] and tragedy by Thalia [thay-lee-a]. In Greek mythology, the nine muses were goddesses of the arts and sciences, and were daughters of Zeus, the king of the gods, and Mnemosyne, the goddess of memory. Melpomene, the goddess of tragedy, is usually shown holding a tragic mask, the club of Hercules and a wreath of vine leaves. Thalia, the muse of comedy, is depicted holding a comic mask, a shepherd's crook, and a wreath of ivy. The muses were worshiped throughout ancient Greece.Mask
MASQUEOriginally, a procession of masked figures in medieval performances; later, an entertainment (particularly the first half of the 17th century) presented as part of a special celebration, with or without dialogue, usually mythological or allegorical, with music, songs, dances. 
MASTER1) An overall control on a lighting or sound control board. The Grand Master takes precedence over all other controls. See Submaster. 2) An original (e.g. Master tape, master plan) which should be used only to make a copy from which to work. 3) A Department Head (e.g. Master Carpenter, Master Electrician).Grand Master
MASTER OF CEREMONIESThe person who announces the various parts of a program.M.C., Emcee
MATRIX OUTPUTSet of outputs on a mixing desk which allows the user to preset a number of output configurations. e.g., on a 8 x 8 matrix, each of the 8 group outputs from the channels can be routed to any or all of the matrix outputs. 
M.C.Abbreviation for master of ceremonies.Emcee
MD1) Musical Director. Often the conductor of a musical, or the person responsible for the musical content of a production. 2) Mini Disc. See Digital Recording.Digital Recording

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