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JACKSegmented audio connector. Mono Jacks have two connections - tip and sleeve, and are unbalanced. Stereo jacks have three connections - tip, ring and sleeve. B-type jacks (also known as Bantam jacks) were originally designed for use in telephone exchanges and provide a high quality (and expensive) connection in jackfields. A-type jacks are cheaper and more common, but more fragile. A type jacks are available in 2 sizes : quarter inch and eighth inch. 
JACK KNIFE STAGE or JACKKNIFE STAGEA stage used for rapid scene-shifting, consisting of a platform or two on casters, pivoted at one corner to swing off- and onstage. Thus, jackknife set.Wagon set
JACOBEAN DRAMAThe English drama of the reign of James I (1603-1625), sometimes extended to 1642. 
JUMPERAn adapter from one type of electrical connector to another. Also applicable to sound cables. 
JUVENILEThe role of a young man; also an actor who plays such a role. The female equivalent is "ingénue." 

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