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DAISY-CHAININGConnecting items of equipment together by linking from one to the next in a chain. Used for connecting demux boxes to dimmers, etc. 
DARKSaid of a theatre that is closed, or with no performances scheduled. Some theatres go dark temporarily during production periods, when the next show is in preparation on stage. Thus, "Shows run Thursday through Sunday, and we're dark Monday through Wednesday." 
DATDigital Audio TapeDigital Recording
dB Decibel
DBODead BlackoutBlackout
D.C. or DC Down Center
DEAD1) A prop or scenic piece that has been used, but is no longer needed until the next performance. 2) Used to describe a flat or curtain that hangs with the bottom edge level on the stage floor, as in "dead hang." 
DEAD HANGTo fly an item without a counterweight. 
DEATH AT THE BOX OFFICEA dramatic piece or actor that is unlikely to succeed with the public, or one that is known to be unpopular. 
DEBUTAn actor's first appearance, whether at the beginning of his/her career, or in a new theatre. Thus "Making his Acme Little Theatre debut is John Kelly." 
DECIBELRelative measurement for the volume (loudness) of sound. Also used to measure the difference between two voltages, or two currents. 
DECK1) Stage floor. 2) Tape deck. 
DEEPA stage or acting area that is long in measurement from front to back. 
DELIVERYThe manner in which an actor presents or utters his/her lines. 
DEMUX BOX Interface unit between the serial digital output of a memory lighting control desk to the parallel analogue signal understood by a dimmer. 
DENOUEMENTIn a dramatic work, the falling action after the climax, the unwinding of the complications of the plot. 
DEPARTMENTOne of the principal divisions of the stage staff, headed by a company official--such as wardrobe, scenery, lighting. Thus, department head. 
DE-RIGThe process of removing lighting instruments & cabling from flying bars or grid - returning the venue to its normal state, or as preparation for the next production. 
DESIGN1) A plan, such as a drawing, for the construction or manufacture of a theatre, scenery, costume, as a set design. Also, to create such a plan; thus costume designer. 

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