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BABU SPOTLIGHTA small spotlight used at a short distance to give sharp illumination to an actor's face, or to a limited portion of the acting area. 
BABY SPOT Baby Spotlight
BACK(verb) To invest in a prospective production. 
BACK DROP or BACKDROPA large curtain, usually painted to represent the sky, a landscape, or some other background, dropped upstage to form the back of a wing set and to mask the backstage space; now commonly supplanted by a cyclorama.Cyclorama
BACKERA person who invests in a prospective production; an angel.Angel
BACKFLAPA pin hinge capable of being turned back on itself, used to join flats.Pin hinge
BACK FLATA flat used at the back of the stage. 
BACKGROUND1) The setting or scenic display before which actors perform (short for scenic background). 2)In a script, previous events, environment. 3) Background music. 
BACKGROUND SCENEAn expository scene in which the events and dialogue indicate the time, the place, or other information needed by the spectator. 
BACKING1) Financial support for a production. 2) A flat or scenic drop visible through an opening such as a door, used to mask the offstage space and to complete the setting. More specifically, an exterior backing, a housetop backing, a sky backing, a window backing, etc. 
BACKING1) Scenic piece as a backing behind an opening in the set (window etc.) which hides the technical areas beyond. 2) The money invested in a commercial production (by a Backer). 
BACKING LIGHTA low-wattage light, used to give diffused illumination to the space beyond openings such as doors, and placed behind, or less often in front of a backing. 
BACKLIGHTLight coming from upstage, behind scenery or actors, to sculpt and separate them from the background 
BACK LIGHTING or BACKLIGHTINGThe illumination of a scene from behind the actors, usually from the back of the stage. 
BACK OF THE HOUSEThe parts of the theatre behind the proscenium, or behind the stage setting.Front of the house, front of house
BACK PIECE or BACK-PIECEA wig for the back of the head only. 
BACK STAGE or BACKSTAGE1) Collectively, the parts of the theatre that lie behind the proscenium arch (or behind the back wall of the stage setting), including the stage, the workshops, the dressing rooms, and the areas and spaces beside, above, or under the stage. Sometimes used only to refer to the dressing rooms and green rooms, or even just the off-stage areas. 
BACK WALLThe rear wall of the stage or stage setting. 

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